Arrogance Personified

It’s rare to see anything that is nearly perfect outside of nature, but yesterday the world was treated to something approaching perfection!

For those of us who are irregular viewers of the Parliament Channel yesterday was a real treat. The Government, having been reluctantly forced back into the democratic fold, mounted a campaign of denial of wrongdoing and sprayed the House and the Country with the rose water of innocence.

The Attorney General has not wasted his time as a lawyer, indeed he has learnt much from watching the obviously guilty pleading “Not me Guv” to every accusation levied at them. In his view the wrongdoing lay at the feet of those who had the temerity to question the legality of his advice, and his Government’s actions, in shutting down the House of Commons so they could avoid Parliamentary Scrutiny of their actions.

For a learned man, he seems to have forgotten one of the basic rules of law. Precedence gives us the rule that those who follow may try to extend and amend the law as laid out in previous cases. For this Law Officer, the Royal Prerogative of Prorogation was a tool for creating a temporary dictatorship for a minority Government, and the suppression of Parliamentary Scrutiny of the Government of the day, not a hangover from the days of Absolute Monarchy when Parliament was a minor part of governance. Convention allowed this Royal Prerogative to continue simply as a convenient way of clearing the Parliamentary decks to allow a short period of respite before a new session began.

By his unlawful advice, the Attorney General was either, willing to create a precedent which would allow ever longer periods of unquestioned governance, or actively seeking to create a precedent that would allow us to return to unscrutinised, minority governance paving the way to dictatorship. Either way he was fully aware of the effects of his advice, and willing to harm, limit or destroy democracy in the, just, United Kingdom.

It is a case of short term advice and actions leading to clear long term consequences.

His dismissive treatment of the Supreme Court and its unanimous judgement will undoubtedly pave the way to new legislation designed to reverse its judgement and to quash the courts powers to deal with such cases and act as the protectors of the liberties of the individual against an over powerful Government.

For this Attorney General claims that this Government is the direct representatives of the people and that Parliament is the enemy of the people. Yet we are in this position simply because of the actions of this Government.

It was this Government that, for its own internal purposes, held the Referendum;

It was this Government that negotiated terms that were found to be unacceptable;

It was this Government that was so divided that its MPs rebelled;

It was this Government that, twice, threw away its own majority;

It was this Government that acted unlawfully; and

It is this Government that denies any wrongdoing or fault.

Most importantly

It is this Government, and this Attorney General, who forget that Sovereignty lies with the People, who elect a Parliament to represent them and that the Government comes from the Parliament and is accountable to the People through that properly elected Parliament.

Yesterday, (25/09/2019), those of us who witnessed the proceedings in the House of Commons were treated to a near perfect display, by the privileged and mighty,  of Regal Arrogance. The Plutocrats claiming to be the true protectors of the people.

Hogwash not Rose Water!

As for the Prime Minister he yet again showed himself to be nothing more than a very lazy but dangerous buffoon! A footnote.

There is a lesson in this for the far humbler personnel of the Liberal Democrats. In the, unlikely, event of the Liberal Democrats gaining around thirty-five to forty percent of the vote and forming the next single party Government, they must not act as if they were the sole representatives of the people. In the Referendum the majority of the people spoke, even a successful election cannot wipe this off the slate of history. A Liberal Democrat Government cannot simply chose to remain in the European Union as if nothing had happened. They must get remain ratified (or not) by the people in a further Referendum if they are to avoid arrogance replacing democracy.

The People are the Power!

Hilton (26/09/2019)