A Tale of Two Coups


It seems not unlikely that the Turkish President knew of the “Coup” against him well in advance, and having got his security forces on side, encouraged the plotters by conveniently leaving town (but not going so far he could not return when needed). Trusting that the plotters would not shoot too many of his immensely enthusiastic supporters, he was ideally placed to trust to “the people” to create a counter coup and put him “back” in power. This time with a mandate to emasculate the army, pass a new constitution, end secularism and strictly limit the powers of the “democratically” elected parliament. Neat Job!

Theresa May, on the other hand, is the accidental beneficiary of the coup “masterminded”┬áby Bojo and Gove and then the hatchet job by Gove on Bojo. The fact that the Parliamentary Party would prefer Andrea Leadsom to either of them could not be foreseen by either Bojo or Gove (or anyone else with half a brain). That Leadsom, who would probably have won the “Nasty” vote and thereby have defeated May, walked into a trap from which she did not have the talent to extricate herself, just completes the mess that led to the coronation of May.

The fact that any decent democrat finds themselves having to decry the Turkish “Coup” and support the democratically elected, and totally appalling, Erdogan and yet question the “democracy” within the Tory Party which led to the comparatively acceptable May becoming PM is beyond irony.

Erdogan will use this to foreclose on democracy, whilst May has accepted the democratic will of the nation even through she disagrees with the Brexit vote.

Good init!

Sodd’s and Murphy’s

Recent events have all too clearly shown the effectiveness of these Laws of nature.

Murphy’s Law clearly states that “If something can go wrong it will!”

Sodd’s Law on the other hand deals with the consequences that happen after something has gone wrong viz: “A slice of buttered bread, when accidentally dropped, will always fall butter side down!”

If something can go wrong, it will, and in the worst of all possible ways!

In short think Brexit Vote lost and BoJo as Foreign Secretary.

But perhaps we have got away lightly, we could have had a Gove-erment!